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Best of Breakfast with Blackers, Carmen & Fitzi

  • What are the benefits of a cuddle

    Psychologist Meredith Fuller explains the benefits of a cuddle after Blacker's shared the experience all week.
  • Surviving ovarian cancer

    Christine Bellis survived ovarian cancer after being diagnosed at the age of just 22 - here's her story.
  • Ovarian Cancer - a silent killer

    Melissa Ledger is a Cancer Council Smart Manager and explains what makes Ovarian Cancer a "silent killer", and hard to detect.
  • First game of the finals this week

    The Wildcats play the first game of the finals series against the Cairns Taipans. Jessie is breaking some records.
  • V8 Supercars driver Garth Tander

    The Clipsal 500 is on in Adelaide this weekend. Garth tells us what to expect this years series.
  • Sarah McLeod on tour with sister

    From Aussie rock band Superjesus on her upcoming tour with her sister, Suze Demarchi on Friday May 22, Charles Hotel.
  • Andrew Williams on TV disappointments

    The biggest let down could be Broadchurch Season 2.
  • Casuarina fires

    Nev from Casuarina had to evacuate his house twice in the fires which blocked parts of the Kwinana Freeway on Tuesday.
  • Musician and comedian Tim Ferguson

    A new drug for multiple sclerosis and The Doug Anthony All Stars are returning to Perth.
  • Euro correspondent Kieran Phillips

    A Finnish study which says saunas are good for you, and UK citizens don't shower every day, apparently.
  • UK artist David Gray - Part 2

    West Coast Blues & Roots will be on Sunday March 29th at Fremantle Park. David Gray will be performing.
  • UK artist David Gray - Part 1

    David will be performing at the West Coast Blues & Roots, Fremantle Park, Sunday March 29th.
  • Subiaco closed for training

    WCE eagle Will Schofield on the training ground at Subiaco Oval being closed for repairs after the 1D concert...
  • Channel 9's host of "Today".

    Lisa Wilkinson joined us from Los Angeles, live from the red carpet at the Oscars 2015.
  • 96FM nighttime jock Alice Cooper

    Alice is coming to Perth on May 23rd at Perth Arena with Motley Crue.
  • MKR WA contestants Drasko & Bianca

    We find out who wears the pants in this duo and if the other contestants have a chance.
  • Channel 10's Miguel Maestre

    Miguel explains why he is not able to participate in the Rottnest Channel swim and it's not what you think.
  • Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee

    Motley Crue have confirmed they are touring Perth with their "Final Tour" Perth Arena 23 May with Alice Cooper.
  • Comedians Sammy J & Randy

    Here for Fringe World with their show "Gold Digger" on at the Perth Cultural Centre until Saturday.
  • Perth Wildcats' Jesse Wagstaff

    They've suffered a devastating double loss to the NZ Breakers. How are they going to come back?
  • John Muir, Rotto Channel Swim

    John will be competing again this year after having a heart attack in last year's race! Find out how he's doing.
  • Andrew Williams 'Googlebox'

    New reality show"Gogglebox" and why Channel 9's "Gallipoli" is not doing well in the ratings.
  • Professional Cuddler Heidi McAlpine

    Heidi explains her profession as a cuddler and what do you do to be one? Need a hug look up Heidi at
  • Euro correspondent Kieran Phillips

    Italians illegally claiming royalties from Tom Jones and Australia's entry into Eurovision 2015.
  • Carrie Bickmore nominated for a Gold Logie

    Carrie is pregnant and a nominee for a logie. She admits it hasn't been a priority but that she is a cuddly person.
  • The Real Housewives Of Melbourne

    Lydia Schiavello and Pettifleur Berenger on what it's like to be a real housewife in Melbourne.
  • On air together for 30 years!

    Channel 7's longtime news readers Rick Ardon and Susannah Carr on their very long relationship.
  • Financial consultant Nick Bruining

    Find out here what you might NOT be entitled from in a will and why you should have one.
  • Director of The Perth International Arts Festival

    Jonathan Holloway on the Giants - walking the streets of Perth this weekend.
  • Does Hardware work with 50 Shades of Grey?

    Lisa from Mt. Lawley Hardware on the sale of duct tape and rope to fans of Fifty Shades Of Grey...
  • Ex-cricketer Damien Fleming

    The ICC Cricket World Cup kicked off last night with their opening ceremony. Watch on Fox Sports and Channel 9 from tomorrow.
  • Comedian Matt Saraceni

    Matt is performing his show 'Written It Down' at the Perth Fringe Festival from Feb 12-17.
  • Sexpert Dr. Gabby Morrissey

    Has BDSM become the 'norm' in some relationships post the 50 Shades Of Grey movie release?
  • Actor Sam Neill

    Sam plays Lang Hancock in Channel 9's House Of Hancock - Part 2 this Sunday Night, 8.45pm.
  • Streaming service Stan

    Our TV guru Andrew Williams on the new streaming service available in Australia - Stan.
  • Comedian Judith Lucy

    Judith has a new show on ABC - 'All Woman' Wednesdays,9pm.
  • Euro correspondent Kieran Phillips

    This week, Greece take on Germany and a French politician involved in an orgy scandal.
  • City Of Stirling Mayor Giovanni Italiano

    Stirling residents have been told to lift their synthetic turf to comply to council policy. Here the policy is explained.
  • Channel 9 News reporter Liam Bartlett

    Whats the latest on the Liberal Party's leadership spill. How is Abbott going to prove the right choice has been made?
  • Olympic swimmer Liesel Jones

    Eliminated from last nights "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here". What are the real conditions of the camp?
  • Financial consultant Nick Bruining

    'Your Money' will be in The West on Mondays. How much will you really need for your retirement?
  • Bec Mountford

    Has won the mantel of Australia's Hottest Ginger in Noosa last night. Prizes include cash and a modelling contract.
  • Channel 7 News Reporter Chris Reason

    He tells us his first hand account with the Sydney siege. Inside The Siege: The Untold Story airs 6pm Sunday on Channel 7.
  • Actress Mandy McElhinney

    Mandy will play Gina Rinehart in "House Of Hancock". What was it like to play Gina over a 30 year span?
  • Shark Tank judge Janine Allis

    'Boost Juice" business founder and tips on how to get through a Shark Tank presentation. Channel 10, Sunday 8PM.
  • Perth Wildcats' Jesse Wagstaff

    Taking on the Cairns Taipans Friday night at Perth Arena.
  • Breast reductions have increased in recent years

    There's been an increase the numbers of breast reductions in women - Gaby from Midland has an experience of her own.
  • Body language and relationship expert

    Katia Loisel on whether just meeting a girl online who buys him an overseas holiday is too soon after 4 dates?
  • How are reality shows tracking?

    Andrew Williams watches a-l-o-t of tv so he shares what reality TV is surviving or diving.
  • Nickelbacks Chad Kroeger

    Canadian rock band Nickelback will be heading to Perth in 2015 for their May concert.
  • Local musician Dave Warner

    The Suburbs are playing tonight, Friday 23rd January at The Charles Hotel.
  • Musician Josh Johnstone

    Josh is finishing his tour in Perth at the Astor Hotel this weekend.
  • Music promoter Michael Gudinski

    Voted Most Influential and he was on the ARIA's when Molly Meldrum was inducted into Hall of Fame.
  • Netflix is coming to Australia in 2015

    Andrew Williams on what to expect when Netflix comes to Australia. Could it be a gamechanger?
  • Foo Fighter Dave Grohl - Part 2

    Dave on 96's mantra "keep real music alive", find out what he considers 'real'.
  • Foo Fighter Dave Grohl - Part 1

    Dave on how he grew as a musician and why this is something inherently wrong with reality tv music shows.

Friday Live with Blackers, Carmen & Fitzi

  • San Cisco performing on Perth's 96FM

    Performing "Too much time together" for 96FM Perth's Friday Live.
  • Here San Cisco perform for Friday Live

    San Cisco perform 'Run' for our live audience.
  • San Cisco

    San Cisco were in the 96FM studio to perform for our Friday Live audience.
  • Rob Walker performs 'Reckless'

    Rob performs an acoustic version of 'Reckless' for our live audience.
  • Rob Walker performs 'For Freedom'

    Song created to raise money for charity and available for download on itunes now.
  • Jeff Martin on Friday Live

    Jeff will be performing at the Fly By Night Musicians Club. What are his thoughts they are about to move?
  • Jeff Martin performs for Friday Live

    Performing an acoustic solo of his single 'The Black Sea'.
  • Jeff Martin performs for Friday Live

    Performing 'The Waters on Fire'.
  • Musician Bec Laughton

    Hear about Bec's plans with her career sky rocketing in the future.
  • Bec Laughton performs for Friday Live

    Bec performs with Matt and Dane doing an Ed Sheeran single "Thinking out Loud".
  • Bec Laughton performs for Friday Live

    Performing the artist formerly known as Prince's song 'Kiss' for our Friday Live audience.
  • Canadian/Australian singer Wendy Matthews

    Wendy is in WA to perform at the Oz Rock Festival in Busselton this weekend.
  • Wendy Matthews performs for Friday Live

    Performing an acoustic of "I Don't Wanna Be With Nobody But You".
  • Chris Murphy joined us for Friday Live

    Chris performs a rendition of "Can't wait to see you" by Eurogliders.
  • Adam Garrett on Friday Live

    Adam will be playing every Sunday at the Indian Ocean Brewery in Mindarie from 4:30 PM.
  • Chris Murphy performs for Friday Live

    Chris plays this Saturday at the Woodvale Tavern at 9 PM and Sunday at the Broken Hill Hotel at 4:30 PM.
  • Josh Johnstone performs for Friday Live

    Josh performs an acoustic of winning Johnny Cash song 'Fulsom Prison'.
  • Hoodoo Guru Dave Faulkner

    Dave performs 1000 Miles away for our Friday Live audience.
  • Hoodoo Guru Dave Faulkner

    Dave performs a well know Hoodoo Guru acoustic single for our Friday Live audience.
  • Musician Dave Faulkner

    One of the original band members of Hoodoo Guru is making a documentary and the band will at Scarborough.
  • Sydnee Carter

    X-Factor contestant Sydnee Carter performs "Video killed the radio star".
  • WA Musician Sydnee Carter

    Sydnee has been performing at charity events and will be at Oakfield winery in the Swan valley.
  • Joe Camilleri on Friday Live

    Joe performs a second acoustic song for Friday Live with Blackers, Carmen and Fitzi.

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